Hello, I'm Michael

Just joined Make ICT and looking forward to using the equipment available here. I have not experienced 3D printing and laser cutting / engraving as of yet, but that is on my list of to dooo’s soon. I am a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker and have a background and various degrees of training in: computers – building, repairing, using, programing, blacksmithing; jewelry – lapidary, silversmithing, casting, construction, spinning, hammering, Indian, etc; farming; gardening; cooking / catering; stamp collecting; most all aspects of metal shop and wood shop; engineering / drafting / cad; photography black & white and color; genealogy; among many other things.



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I think you’ll like it here. I’m always curious how people found us and how long it took from finding us to joining.


Welcome! You came to the right place. I took the 3d printing class recently but didn’t really think I would use it for anything. I am now obsessed 3d printing :laughing:

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