Hello, I'm Diana, and I'm a noob

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda a noob? I made an account on these forums like 3 years ago, and just lurked. Finally went to a Maker Monday at the beginning of this month signed up, and hoping to go to new member orientation next Tuesday.

Looks like most people around here use real name on forum name I missed the memo, so you can also call me Diana.

I used to be the head of the IT department for a Native American tribe in Oklahoma, and now I’m an elevator mechanic (long story) so I have a wide variety of skills.

I have some woodshop experience, and quite a bit of electronics experience, lately I’ve been doing a lot with micropython on RP2040 and ESP-32.

One of the things I’d really love to learn here is how to use my sewing machine and how to sew. Maybe some of the other things my grandmother tried to teach me but I didn’t listen.


Hi Diana,
Super glad to have you here. (My first thought was… wasn’t Diana the goddess of the hunt?)


Welcome Diana. @Malissa does a “Learn to use your sewing machine” class once in a while. That’s where I learned a good deal about my machine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the space.


Welcome, looking forward to meeting you.


Goddess of the hunt… who’s symbol was the crescent moon :crescent_moon:


In the roman, Diana was goddess of the Hunt, Crossroads, and the Moon. (and other things mythology shifts over time…

Also, I was 18 when I started using this screen name and thought it was clever LOL

Thanks for the welcome.