Hello I'm Bruce

I’m just now spreading my creative wings but my partner Bee is really helping me stretch out, and with current MakeICT member Tyra got me into trying some things out. I am currently learning resin pouring (making dice to fuel my shiny math rock addiction) but am excited to try out metal and woodworking, and more

I also play too many video games and D&D feel free to chat about those too


Wondered about making dice. Do you use silicone molds? Also do you feel like they roll true? Seems like it would be easy to make them lopsided, unbalanced.

My first try was a silicone mold set I found online, I just made my own mold using a 3d printed d20 I had made so I could duplicate them whenever I want. I use a vacuum chamber I made for air bubbles and use acetone to thin the resin some cause the kind I bought pours kinda thick

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Hey Bruce!
You should talk to the print shop lead @doug.wilson about dice. He has been doing some interesting things and some kickstarters…


Welcome Bruce, happy you found us