Hello all!

Hi all,

My name is Greg Cain, I just joined up today. I’ve ran my own business for 8years now as Landscaping/ Handyman. I tend to learn anything i can to be self sufficient and not pay anyone for something i can do myself. So I’ve amassed quite a bit of tools over the years along with knowledge. At home i have a small automotive shop/ metal shop. About the only crafty thing i ever make is Junk art out of random metal stuff laying around. You might catch my wife and our newborn with me from time to time, Shes interested in learning Ceramics and maybe some other craft type classes at some point.

What i hope to gain from Makeict is a wealth of knowledge from members and classes which i plan to take a lot of. I’ll mostly be in the metal/wood shop but plan to branch out to other areas also just because why not.

A hobby me and my uncle have are pinball machines which we restore and modify. We have 19 atm and were told we have to stop at 20 so we will focus more on customizing and making modification for them. Hope to see you all around.


Hey Greg!
Welcome to the space

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Welcome Greg!!! I’m glad you found us and I look forward to the cool stuff you make. I also use discarded items in art. I’m sure the Garden Department is going to LOVE you!!!


Id love to see some of the stuff you make Michelle. Ive probably got 30+ peices ive done and never sold any. Most sit around my shop or in the house. Some ive started giving away at chirstmas which were acutally a big hit and ive gotten requests for more.

More than happy to help the garden department with a few things and knowledge, im so so with plants and such but have great knowledge on installing water systems. From what ive seen on the fourms they hand water everything and rely on volunteers. A self water system would only be a few hundred in materials for a solid long lasting system.