Have you grounded anything today?

I’m not sure if this belongs here or in the “What am I making” category, but I just came to say, sometimes it’s totally worth buying a $10 kit on Amazon and spending an evening (or two evenings in the case of my kit - surface mount soldering is hard🤦🏼‍♀️) soldering and getting back to the basics.
It’s very refreshing. Very…grounding (see the pun I did there? :rofl:).

Both of our things (at least partially) did the thing! And lots was learned by all.

Shout out to @tonyreid, @mikeb, @james.a.seymour, and the guy I met tonight for the advice on how to do surface mount soldering. I used a bit of advice from each of your suggestions.

I will also say that in the time that we were in the lab tonight no less than 6 people came through. For a non-event Monday evening, I thought that was pretty cool.

Happy Making, peeps! Find something and ground yourselves. :slight_smile:

@NicoleR for awareness.


Well, I guess I UNgrounded something today, tinkering with my light saber build the board was crashing, and found that the power lines for the blade lights were shorting, so I fixed that and got Woosh sounds again.