Have you ever confronted someone about safety?

Hey Makers - I’m posting up lots of safety questions to the forum this month leading up to our general meeting which will be about safety.

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Today’s question:
Have you ever told someone they were being unsafe? How did that go?

I ask this because when I do orientation or sign key forms I try to make a big point that in a collaborative space, we all HAVE to talk to each other, so expect to be talked to. If you’re using a machine and there’s a better way, somebody will come up and tell you - don’t be defensive, that’s a good thing. So what have you reminded people about or had people remind you about? Are we good at listening to each other and learning from everybody?

I had to do that one day. One of the members had a 4 year old and a baby still in a stroller in the metal shop. I do t know what he was thinking. When I told him it was against the rules, he took the kids into the lounge and played for a while.

I do not let my four year old in the metalshop, I agree that’s a bad idea.

But the kid thing is still around here huh? Someone responded to this survey: “told someone to watch their kids but they ignored it because they are a board member”

So let’s air that out, since this is about what we can all do about safety.

I don’t want anyone to feel ignored. In fact I bet you were not really ignored - there’s only two board members with kids, Malissa and me, and we talk a lot about how to do our jobs and make things in this time in our lives where our kids small.

The first issue: There’s been times when I was trying to watch my kids but someone else needed my immediate attention and I was trying to tell them “no” and it wasn’t working. I could use some help - like many things in my president job, if you feel like I’m not watching my kids, look at what I’m doing, could I maybe use a hand? A good safety rule I’ve seen up in places is “don’t distract someone using a tool”. But people distract me all the time when I’m at the space with my kids and “just one more thing” me to death.

If I see someone not wearing safety glasses I don’t yell at them, I often go find them some safety glasses, “here let me help you follow the rule”. They get the hint. That might be a better way to talk to us parents. “Hey Kim, I think your four year old needs your attention, maybe I can re-arrange the chairs for maker monday?”

Second, Malissa and I have both asked for a little more support and tolerance. We feel like we do watch our kids but we’ve got some members who want our kids to be normal-rockwell silent at all times, leashed to us and coloring with no movement. I hate to pull the “if you had kids you’d understand” card, but if you had kids you’d understand. That’s why I’m sometimes a little defensive. This comes up a LOT and it’s always very indirect and a little passive-aggressive, “I heard you don’t watch your kids” without a specific example.

If it’s really a problem I really need to know who it’s a problem with, specific examples, not anonymous surveys, and I need open dialog with the people who are really concerned, and I need to know that you support us and have solutions, not just criticism.

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