Handicap Parking Concrete Pour

If you’ve been wanting to do a larger concrete project, here is a great opportunity to learn how! Funds have been approved, but we need some strong backs and willing spirits to help make it happen! There will be dirt removal and setting up of forms involved, as well as screeding and edging the concrete.

We will be pouring a 15x25ft pad (5yrds of concrete) next to the existing handicap stall for a 2nd handicap parking spot. We will also be pouring a 13x18 (3yrds of concrete) pad where the dumpster is so that we can add a bike rack in the future. We anticipate this taking a day to remove the dirt, setup the forms, and pour the concrete. Once the concrete is poured, it will take 7 days to cure before the spot can be parked on and marked for handicap parking.

We could use help with equipment as well while removing dirt as well as compacting the surface underneath. If someone has a tractor they’re willing to lend or a compactor, that would be greatly appreciated.

Tentative date of the pour will be April 5th, but we can move the date if there are enough people up for helping out.

Tentative Date 1 2 3 4 5 6
Apr 5th Rustin A. Mike B.

Existing Parking

Added Parking


April 5th is very soon for having the bike rack design finalized, so we can go ahead and pour the concrete but the actual rack will have to come at a later date. Thanks for any and all who can help with that. If my daughter’s birthday party was not the next day, I would join in!

Edit: Correction, SWE Expo is on the 6th and I will be at that, and the next day is my daughter’s birthday party, and my parents are visiting so I can’t do much more that weekend. If it was another weekend, I may be able to help but I also lack the skills you’re needing and have very little upper body strength :grimacing:

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Thank you.

I have experienced at least once a week… Showing up and cannot find suitable parking to unload a wheelchair.

I had thot the curb was the next best expansion. I have come in twice that way, counting on members to allow me in. [Then swipe N door reader] But i understand there are probs city limitations on having one at the curb. …, officially. They do it downtown, no?

I wonder if i could help with the lemonade.
I do have an appt on calender on 5th and 6th already. .

Again , The purple wheeled member says “Thank you” with abundant sincerity.


Requesting more help.

With only two people this will be a multiple day job.

Roughly outlined we’ll be doing:
Move dumpster.
Remove bollards. (1)
Excavate to 4 inch depth. (2)
Set 4 inch forms on 2 sides of each pour. Other 2 sides are the building and existing slabs.
Compact substrate. (3)
Cut and place expansion material.
Cut and place remesh.

Pour and screed concrete.
Finish surface, edges and tooled crack control joints.
Clean up.
Place barriers and caution tape.

(1) Bollard removal may require heavy equipment and may damage bollards.
(2) Excavation of compacted crushed rock is best done with a front loader by someone experienced at removing the precise depth needed.
(3) A plate compactor, probably rented, is the best way to do this. The more precise the excavation, the quicker this can be done.

We’ll need boards for the forms and a screed board, stakes, screws or nails, tools. I believe Rustin is arranging for the concrete, wire mesh and expansion material. I’ll bring most of the tools that aren’t readily available in the makerspace.


Can’t do the 5th but can the 6th or 7th

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Thanks, but, …
No concrete on Sundays. Last I checked there might only be one service that Rustin got pricing from that delivers on Saturday. They make exceptions for regular customers and that’s not us or homeowners.

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I have a hair appointment and tickets to the Globetrotters that day, so it would be hard for me to help. (Plus old, small, and chunky doesn’t help either.) I would be willing to provide some refreshments for those who would be willing though!


I could help maybe 3 weeks from now or more


I will be out of town the weekend of the 5th, but if this ends up getting pushed back I can definitely help out.


I’m alright with moving the date if it means getting more volunteers to help but there is a deadline to have this done a week before the spring market.

May 18th is the market, so that means we need to have the pads poured by May 11th.

I’m also cautious about doing the pour on April 19th due to trying to move some big stuff out of the building for the renaissance fair. Otherwise, we could try for some time during the week as well, but I need to give the ready-mix company a call a couple days before whatever is decided on.


Has there been consideration of doing most of the prep on a weekend and the pour during the week?


Probably don’t want to wait until the last weekend before the market because I assume this is a bit of a weather-pending project?

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I will be stepping away from this project if it is not done prior to April 23rd. All I will be able to help with after that date is calling in the cement truck and handling the financial side.

This Saturday is turning into a renaissance fair prep day, but if people want to try to prep the area on Sunday (April 7th), and pour on Friday (April 12th) that works too. If there are at least 3 people beyond Mike B and myself willing to do the work, I’ll put an event on the calendar to confirm that we are moving forward.


I would back
Ladeanas refreshements, and raise her a supreme thin crust pizza. Brick oven - if thats what it takes.
Anybody on the fence about this that hot pizza changes your mind?

In my powerchair. I am a great human wheelbarrow. But alas, that applies to lapsize project boxes, and not buckets of gravel.
Im willing to test drive the parking space when done, but will actually be happy if lots of us less-abled trade residency there.

I want to help this happen…AND have an FAA document review deadline for Apr 5th. Im reading, im reviewing. I wish to bring cheerleader pom poms. [Just kidding. Who wants cement dust on their poms?]

Yours truly, AHandicap spot user: Supporter of volunteers out to help me and other handicapt members/guests.


What’s the thinking behind removing the bollards? Will they be replaced?
I’m late to all this and I imagine there have been many planning meetings I missed but I’m curious none the less.

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I don’t think there’s room to use a front loader to excavate with the bollards in place. I also don’t think there’s enough volunteers to hand dig. I could be wrong about either or both.

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Okay, thanks

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I may be wrong, but I’m thinking they are just thinking ahead and making room for future bike parking.

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It seemed like there was going to be enough room to put in a bike rack without moving the ballards… though it might not be a bad idea to move one ballard to provide a little more protection for a bike rack.

It might be a bit of a pain to move those ballards… I think they’re buried 3ft deep, so I’m not sure how well the highlift jack trick will work on pulling them, or how hard it would be to replant them a bit forward.

Worse case, two or 3 of us with flat shovels should be able to make quick work of that area behind the ballards.


Are there 3 people up for helping on Sunday to prep the spots?