Halloween Yard Ornament

1:5 Scale Triceratops Skull

It’s a 3d printed skull based off of a scan posted to thingiverse. I ended up chopping the file up into about 16 pieces with Blender to help make it easier to print bite sized pieces.

I’ve talked about making a Halloween decoration for years and have printed out itty bitty versions of this skull for past trunk or treat events. This year, things lined up a bit better to print something big.

It took about 5 rolls of ABS filament and 2 weeks to print everything out between 3 printers. Definitely had a few failed prints, but after re-chopping some of the files, I was able get past some warp issues and ended up finding quicker ways to print some of the bigger parts.


Looks like you made some cobwebs in that first picture. :wink:


It was just as much fun to cleanup as cobwebs too! Lol


Cut twice measure once


Love this looks awesome!

Awesomeness stuff!!!

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Wow it’s really cool!

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Cool deal man!