Halloween Moth Costume

Doing a roaring 20s style costume with an insect twist this year! I plan on going as a “poodle moth” flapper (haha get it?).

I spent some time on cutting out and ironing the wings today!

This is just interfacing but I plan on gluing down some heavy string to imitate the veins and glue a piece of fabric over that.

I havent decided yet how I will attach these wings onto a hing that will allow them to fold and unfold and swong freely. I also havent decided how to make a harness for them to stay attached securely to my back.

I will post more updates in this thread as I make progress!


Some life vests fit petty snugly and might give enough surface area for wing mounting.


And the Walmart in Goddard has life vests on the clearance aisle for like 2 bucks.


I’ve had some experience with making harness for parachutes. That might be a good option with a flapper dress.

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Try having a look at how steampunk.artists do their wings and harnesses, a lot of examples on youtube.


I found a design exactly that way! I’ll be making a lightweight version of one I found. I dont need anything super heavy duty since my wings will just be hanging, not being held upright like a lot of cosplayers have

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Thanks for the idea, but could be pretty bulky. I think Ive found a harness design that will work great for me!

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