Haapy to help

Hi I attended the Maker Monday intro and was extremely impressed with not only the range of equipment but the professionalism of the setup. I’m a New Zealander currently living in Australia visiting here for 6 weeks approx. however it looks like I will be moving here longterm and at that stage I will join as an official member. In the meantime I will like to volunteer my skills to anyone who might need them, I have a long background in invention/innovation and the processes (including patents, copyright, NDA’s, etc) that go with developing and prototyping products. I was a founder/director of the Auckland Inventors Association over 30 years ago and have had a continuing association with innovation. I have many years experience with assessment and am happy to share that evaluation experience for anyone who needs to assess the practicality, marketability and viability of their idea.
My personal interest is in steampunk items, aeroponics, and general clever ideas.
I am looking forward to meeting more of you :slight_smile:


Wow Brett that’s awesome!!!

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Welcome Brett

Hello Brett so glad to hear your joining us!!

Melbourne or Sydney side?

I live rural just on the border between Victoria and New South Wales.

I spent some time in NSW, but I never got so far south as Victoria. I’d love to make a trip of going to NZ one of these days.

New Zealand is a lovely place, very expensive nowadays unfortunately but scenery and places that are incredible. Give yourself about 2 weeks for the North Island and the same for the South to do it justice. Probably best way is to hire a campervan to get the best out of it.

It’s funny how the smaller the country/state, the longer you have to visit to take in everything.

Welcome Brett from Oz. When will you be at makeict next? I’m interested in a conversation to take me to the next level and I have a artistic brand signature/concept/marketing ideas I’ve been toying with. I’d appreciate your input and a point in the right direction

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Hi Michelle, I’m not actually a member yet but I can arrange to meet you there for a conversation for sure. Or another location if you prefer, I am more than happy to help you :slight_smile:
A helpful start for you in the meantime is to get your idea clearly on a single piece of A4 paper, describe your basic idea, the process, the opportunity, where it sits in the existing market place and what products you think are your nearest competitors. If nothing else this helps you clearly define your opportunity.