Guest nametag printer not working

web logging failed exception httpsconnectionpool(host something google port 443) max retries exceeded and then cuts off.

and I guess it won’t print if it can’t log. I tried restarting the computer.


Have we ever used the guest log for anything? Is it worth maintaining?

It’s working again. As far as I can tell, there was a phantom print job that kept reappearing after it was deleted. It’s gone now. Maybe it’ll be back again at some point. If it acts up again, random frustrated attempts at deleting the print queue, rebooting the computer, and unplugging the printer may eventually work…?

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Yes. We have used it and it’s worth continuing.


possibly off topic, and idk how security feels about this but back in the day we passed a policy that allowed for “guest badges”:

I don’t know if it ever took off. But we made up a template with a yellow background for “recurring guests”… kids, partners, besties, who would be at the space a lot and wanted to save the time and paper of typing in all their info and getting a sticky nametag every time. They’d flash it at the door so they were logged, but it didn’t actually open the door.

I still think it’s a great idea but I never saw it put into practice, is it something we should offer?


I did this for my kids and wife. Saved hundreds of pieces of waste paper.


It’s in the policy so it is always on offer. Sending an email to requesting a frequent guest pass won’t be turned down. The badges will look like a member badge but below the photo it will say “GUEST” and the smaller font will be First Name and Last Initial. Guest badges will have 0 access rights to the building.