Green House Frame

Newton listed at 10PM tonight


@squarenuts - do you think we could by raw materials for our greenhouse for cheaper than this? I’d kinda doubt it, but you know best. Looks like the perfect size. We could just cut it in half and attach it to the building.


If the plastic is included, it would be cheaper. If not, it would be close.
I still need to call the city and find out what the requirements on hoop houses like this are.
I’ll do so presently

It’s gone. Thanks for the heads up tho @Malissa

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If I see anything else will add it here. I’ll keep trying till you get what you need.

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Another Green House $150

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And gone

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Does anyone in your group know the Metal shop has the tool that will roll the arches? I think I saw one during Maker monday.

Top pipe for chainlink fence is 20’ long I think. I haven’t priced it.

This might build a greenhouse structure strong enough to wold up to Kansas wind or snow


Hi Bill,

Yes, the metalshop does have a tubing roller. We have 1", 1 1/2", and 2" dies for it. It should work pretty well for doing that thing walled galvanized fence pipe.

For doing a 20ft pipe though, you might have to drag the roller outside to avoid any obstructions in the metalshop. 10ft pipe shouldn’t be too much of an issue to roll inside though.


It’s a pretty big metal gazebo frame with a fan attachment $200

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