Great Plains Ren Fest

Awesome! Thank you so much!


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I think 8:00(???) but can’t remember well. It’s a 6’x2.5’ folding table. Covers would be great!

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Notice for the next Ren Fair meeting is posted for Saturday at 8pm. (quarterly member meeting is Sunday)


My band will be playing in OKC Saturday. I will make the next one. I will be happy to field questions on the construction of the facade at any time.

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I will be at the building for gaming, so I will stop by when I’m not in the middle of a game.

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Not sure if I’ll make it, but I’ll try.

What Kim said. My arm/shoulder are very displeased and I’m trying to placate them with pain meds at the moment.

I did, however, get some really nice purple curtains. I’m thinking of using one for a tablecloth but the other could make a good drapery.

Are we better off rescheduling tonight’s meeting.

I’ll probably be up at the makerspace regardless.

Maybe we can chat tomorrow after / at the membership meeting?

Katie and I did have a short chat about what she still needed help with and what we still need help with overall.

For those who do not have a tax ID yet:
Carrie Doxon is the gal that was out here during makerfest to help people setup their tax ID l

For those selling stuff and need to know what current tax rates are: Kansas Department of Revenue - Sales Tax by Address Lookup

Aaron and I are will need to go full bore on cranking out the front of the tent and siege battle targets for the next two weeks, and will definitely appreciate help in making this stuff happen.

We also need help cranking out mini catapults for the event. For those interested, please coordinate with Ethan Doak via DM or email to get the files and start cutting out the parts on the lasers.


I’m sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. Not sure when I’ll be able to make it in to help with things. Grandparents are both in the hospital, one in ICU.


@Ethan.Doak I’d like to help with this can I get the files?
What supplies do we have to cut them? I will probably do some cutting on October 4th .