Grand Opening Ideas

Ok. I am probably jumping the gun and stepping on toes (normal for me.)

I want to see us do a grand opening in some spectacular way. No weenie ribbon cutting for us.

My outlandish thoughts:

  • Chain saw cutting a log on two sawhorses
  • Lightsaber cutting the ribbon
  • Plasma cutter cutting through a piece of metal
  • Mad scientist electrical arcing
  • Crazy domino falling open
  • Crazy Ball rolling through tubes to open

Ok… think up even crazier things for the opening… I believe in you :slight_smile:


maybe we could have captain Kirk beam down and cut the ribbon :ribbon: with his phaser set to stun…?


Why not have a ribbon cutting on every door since social distancing is a must and people can attend the room of their choice and we can air it on FB live hourly.

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You mispelled “phaser” :wink:

Challenge accepted.

Years ago there was an engineering summer camp thing with @whyameye and @TomM where students built a giant Rube Goldberg machine. The students worked in groups to build modules that did whatever they wanted it to do, so long as it could be activated by a ping pong ball dropping into a cup and finished by dropping a ping pong ball to the next module. Knowing they’d probably be working until the very last second, having a universal input/output (theoretically) meant the modules could be put in any order and there would be little need for integration testing… theoretically. Many of them had bigger ambitions than they had time or supplies, and honestly the big reveal was about as smooth as you’re probably imagining… BUT it was so much fun to see them brainstorming and building, and the little hiccups kind of made the whole even more endearing.

So anyway, we could have each area build one or more components to a Rube Goldberg machine that ends with a ribbon being cut.

Edit: bonus points if it also starts with a ribbon being cut.