Go-Kart or Lawn Mower seat

New replacement seat for tractor/mower or go-kart. Nicely padded, and has a seat-occupant switch built in, in case you want to sense whether someone is sitting in the seat. Very sturdy. There’s a very small wear mark on the top edge; possibly from rubbing against something while stored or transported.

These go new for over $125. Will sell this one for only $45.

This would be very nice for your go-kart build…when everyone else shows up with a welded sheet metal hard pan seat, you cruise up in padded, tastefully trimmed comfort!

I actually have 2 of these and will give a discount if someone wants both of them.

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No LEDs?

I suppose I could add some…

I actually got this for someone who commissioned me to build a hovercraft for him a while back. When his ongoing milestone payments were all missed, I couldn’t reach him, so I just paused the build and worked on other things. Turns out that he had brain surgery and won’t be able to continue the project, so I’m mitigating my losses. The “seat occupied” switch built in is kind of a cool feature, though.

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@Tobias778 you still need a seat?