Go Create

I just got myself a membership to go create and was wondering if we have any active current members who are also members there. I remember a few who had a membership to both when it first opened but most of those people are no longer makeICT members.

found this info on their web site…


I’m a member of both, have been for a few years. I’m grateful for what they offer as I am for MakeICT. Both are great places, giving opportunities to people who would otherwise not have them. And despite that common bond, there are many differences. While I can’t say that either is better than the other I can say that MakeICT is home for me. :heartpulse: you guys!


I get asked often about how we are able to compete with them and we really don’t somehow. The demographics are different. I’m no expert in such matters but I will say… you should have a 47uF and a 10nF cap on your supply pins as close to the part as feasible…

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I don’t believe we compete either. I think we very nicely fill the need for hobbyists and those looking for a great community to learn and explore new ways of making and collaboration. If you’re looking for a more business / business incubator focused environment there are other great choices in town. I think it’s great that the area supports so much of the maker spirit and community. Says a lot about our not so sleepy Midwest town.


Well the fees are a huge reason i feel we shine we have managed to keep it affordable and reasonably priced


I think we need to think of all the makerspaces as folks to cooperate with. How fun would it be to collaborate … or do a fun maker contest! More maker stuff = GOOD!