Glues safe for lasers

I will be back in the space soon and have a huge project. I want to take a piece of figured maple veneer, glue it to a thin magnetic sheet, then cut it out/etch it to replace a front plate on a piece of gear I have.

It’s supper important that the is no squeeze out as this will interfere with buttons and lights, so cutting separate then glue up is mostly out of the question.

I know epoxy is a no go, but didn’t know about rubber cement or other industrial adhesives that would not try to kill me or were safe on the lasers.

Thanks for any help!

I’m not sure about glue, but I’ve had great success using double-sided tape to attach two thin sheets together and then cutting on the laser.

Rubber cement is latex that we’ve been told to avoid because its smoke clings to the optics. It might be easier to see what would work first, then check its chemistry/safety.

Also I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have not been able to cut magnet sheets. Try a sample out first before you dive into this project - even when the laser was good, it wasn’t powerful enough to cut thin sheets from a craft store. It’s on the “great idea” list but my experience was otherwise.

You’d also need to make sure that the magnetic sheet itself is laser safe. I think some of it is made with PVC.