Glazes for sale

Hi Ceramics folks-

My daughter, Fiona Gridley, purchased several glazes last month to complete a project. Most are unused, and the remainder (mainly the gallon jug) have quite a bit left. She is interested in selling them. Contact me if you are interested.

With the exception of the gallon, all container photos are followed by the price tag photo. The gallon was about $63. For the full jars, she would expect near that price. We can negotiate on the not-full items.

Link to photos:

Tracy Hoover

Looks like the link to the album wasn’t successful. I’ll work on fixing that. In the mean time I can share the album with you if you are interested.

Let’s try this…

Let’s chat about the PC-53 gal.

OK. Could meet you at MakeICT on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday.

Friday I get off work 3:30 :pm I can head over there then.

Reply to iapplesac@ Gmail.