Glaze fire complete 11/7/18


First thing I’d like to say is , thank U Scott for doing the work that you do with the ceramics area it’s wonderful and I appreciate what you do.
I came in tonight and found a piece of tape on one of my pieces placed by a maker space Person?asking what glazes I used so I’m going to post some pictures of that bowl with the glazes that I used. If I’m not using one of the cone six glazes there in the Ceramic area I’m tending to lean towards an Amoco brand glaze cone 5/6 and this one here was a thick coat of PC 43 which is toasted sage and then I did one thick with the brush coating of PC 28 which is frosted turquoise around the lip and that’s what gave it to drip. one more things I found that makes a big difference is I’m using the calico clay cone 6.

I hope this helps

Steve C.


Steve, the note was from me. That glaze combo looks great, almost like a soda fired piece. Thank you for sharing! I’m always on the prowl for new glazes to bring to the studio and encouraging folks to share their successes. Kudos!!

P.S. I bet that Toasted Sage would go really well with the new Ancient Copper as an accent. I sense an experiment in my future!