Gem and Mineral Show this weekend

Just an FYI for those individuals that like shiney stones, the Gem and Mineral show is this weekend (22nd to 24th). If you have never been it is a good place to see wonderfully crafted stones and pick up some things as well. Anyone with an intrest in natural stones this is a blast.

It’s being held at the cessna activity center and admission for adults is only $5. Quite a few activities geared towards younger kids as well. This is a great chance to pick up rough gems and stones for wirewrapping. (Hint hint wirewrapping class coming next month)

Official FB link:: 68th Annual Wichita Gem and Mineral Show


Neato…I was gazing at the many bright and shinies on display at the ren faire, but didn’t have an immediate need in mind so I didn’t buy any. Now I’m thinking maybe I could make some steel cuffs with gemstones in them, or necklace pendants, or cape closures, or maybe even a crown…