Garden Progress - March 30, 2024


Today, a few members of the gardening committee went to local suppliers to select flowers and vegetables for our courtyard. The group started at Feed and Seed, then went to Hillside Nursery, and after that we headed to Plant Kingdom. Our haul included plenty of seeds for planting around the courtyard, such as strawberries, lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, herbs, and flowers.

After getting back to the Makerspace, the members planted the vegetables and placed the herbs/flowers under the grow lights in the boiler room.

Egyptian Walking Onions


Lettuce, Cabbage, and Bok Choy

Needless to say, things are going super well, and we’re very excited to see what everyone else will be planting this year!

Piper Thomas


That’s awesome!!! Thank y’all for all the hard work you do, it looks great^^


I love seeing this.

Im an avid and habitual gardener. But cant bend over much and kneel. And have to hire my gardening done at home. I love seeing this and will bring grandkids down to see this progress too.
There are so many other things I wish to do indoors, I dont see myself as a MakeICT gardener. But sure enjoy the passtime/therapy that is gardening.

I have [had] a preference in that I lean towards being a shade and rock gardener, a rarer sort. But am available to help plan if we ever decide to plant such a space. Also, I like the idea of a native and butterfly garden over on the creek slope, if thats possible.
Btw, Im also skilled at reviving plants others were sure were dead. And I can share a recipe for what is likely the cheapest liquid fertilizer you can ever find, and why and when and how to see if a little dissolved iron in your fertilizer will help your claybound plants.


Unfortunately, the creek bank isn’t our property.

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Great minds think alike. We do infact have a butterfly garden on the Southern side of the building. We’re hoping to get more plants (cough milkweed cough) in there so we can get officially recognized by the North American Butterfly Association.

Additionally, I would like to add more native plants to our lawn. Maybe a bat house and butterfly house too. Oh and some bird feeders! But those are projects for down the line.

Piper Thomas


Ooooh jeepers i MAY HAFTA join the garden group. My heart is a sailors heart AND a gardeners heart. And Im also always making SOMETHING.
And I love the toughest garden challenges. Im a champion plant reviver. Although… some plants just do not make it. Bog pot rescues are the toughest.

The botanical and natural producrs aspect of plants is this Material and Biochemistry Scientist’s [tenth?] hobby.
At work, Im the guy to stump… show me a [contaminant] molecule and Im pretty darn good at isolating it and then guessing where it came from. A medicinal or toxicological pov not common unless you have a botano-biochemist-herbalist perspective, altho i do not grow anything I partake in… iykwim. (I have considered, but have to pass urine tests for Lockheed.)

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And I have a box of kits to make a few [rock?] Display boxes, but after storing them for devades… am about to toss them. But see they may make good bat boxes.

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