Garden hose oh no

I’ve been up here for a few hours and noticed what i thought was a sprinkler running in the garden(youll see why you could think that from ceramics window when you turn it on). I took my dog outside and as i got closer i noticed it was a hole in the main hose that goes to the splitter. I turnee the water off but the plants in the pictures got a lot of water. When i turned it off water was pouring over the top of the raised bed. @Sherry


Thank you for turning it off and alerting me! I’m not sure who was there watering today. I’m also not sure how that hose developed that hole but I’ll look at it tomorrow!


Is it SOP to leave the water running while nobody is there?


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No, it is not


I just discovered this as well! I turned on the water and was very surprised to see this unexpected sprinkler. . Also, I just removed a TON of eggs off the backs of my squash plants. We need to do something about the squash beetles and vine borers. We removed a bunch of them off our plants but I suggest everyone growing cukes and squash team together to get rid of them or we will have a very very short season.
Picture of the eggs… turn your squash leaves over and pick them off. Little buggers!


Might also be worth sprinkling some diatomaceous earth on the plants as well as physically removing the eggs


@Pinbot Thanks for turning it off. You caught it before I could go check it out. I thought it was strange as I had never seen a sprinker there before, but it was going the entire time I was mowing. When I went over there after I was done, you had already turned it off.