Garden Cookout Welcomes our Quarterly Meeting

Our quarterly meeting is this Sunday 3/24/2024 and the Garden Committee would like to invite all to come enjoy some tasty foodstuffs and good company at 1:30 when the Quarterly meeting concludes.

The food theme this week is Vegie-Centric, but don’t let that keep you from bring whatever you might want to eat and share… of yeah, it’s pot-luck style.

Also, the weather is expected to be in the high 50s with a chance of rain, so please be sure to wear appropriate attire!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


I’ll be bringing vegan stuffed peppers!


@ladeana Room 4 will probably host some of this revelry

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Awesome. Did we reserve room 4 or do I need to do that and at what times if that’s the case?


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@ladeana Room 4 will probably host some of this revelry

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1:30-4 sould be sufficient

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