Garden Clean Up

I will be heading out to the garden this Saturday morning at 8am to clean up our neglected space. I will start by cutting the grass and weed whacking. But there’s lots more to do. Any help is appreciated.


Looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice Saturday (high of 80F), I might have to come out and join you before or between classes.

The head on the weed wacker fell off the last time I used it. We’ll need to get a new head on it before then.



Slowly but surely, we’re getting the garden space back together. Thank you for the patience showed by many at MakeICT. We still love our little slice of nature and we’re very excited for the future!

Shout out to Aaron, Lesley and Larry for your help this past week. You might see a few of us out working over the next week as we continue to whip it back into shape.


@sean who mowed the private plots which weren’t supposed to be mowed until Oct 4?

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I did. Everything I mowed was in violation of city code.


You mowed the private plots in violation of the contracts but left the weeds on the old compost pile visible from the street and these big clumps of weeds (along with more)? My pepper plant with harvestable peppers was not in violation of the code but you left giant dead sunflowers

I’m not engaging in this with you. And especially not in a public forum when you could’ve reached out privately via email (after you ignored my email asking for the very information that would’ve helped track down plot owners). Like I said, I only mowed areas that were very clearly abandoned and had 12+ inches of bind weed and Johnson grass. A pepper plant being among those weeds does not matter. YOU were in violation of your contract by abandoning your plot and allowing tall grass and weeds to take over. You’re more than welcome to ask about recouping your plot rental money, but you would’ve been the person to have originally taken that money in the first place before abandoning the garden. There is so much work to be done in our garden. Please don’t nag those that are trying to make it better.


I no longer had access to the information. You said the agreements didn’t matter. And you called me toxic and blamed me for other things out of my control.

You also said weeding was a waste of time when you were lead (last year, here on the forum).

I didn’t take ANY money. The money all went to MakeICT directly. I didn’t touch a bit of it.

Check your facts.

@events has access to that information as it was running as a class. We could have given you that information,had you asked. I’m curious why what work was done this weekend was the focus, because from the road driving up today it looks the same as it has for a while.

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…are you joking? Why was mowing for two hours and using a weed whacker for many more hours to take down gigantic amounts of weeds and tall grass the focus? Is that a serious question? I’m sorry that you driving by from 100 yards away didn’t impress you. I’ll be sure to let Lesley and Larry know their hours of volunteer work helping whack down abandoned plots was all in vain because you didn’t think it mattered from the street.

I can’t with this stuff. If you’d like to be a part of the solution instead of the problem, please show up ready to work. If not, please don’t comment on these threads.


I was there today twice.

Yesterday was unannounced.

And as for the other part, Sherry didn’t respond and I was never told that Events had this information. So you’re asking me to know something I was never privy to. But Sherry did make a decision to ignore an email.

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No I’m not and I do plenty for the space. Just because I’m not part of your crew doesn’t justify your answer, actions or give you the right to talk down to me. I also walked through the garden as well and there’s no rhyme or reason there either. There are tall weeds along the sidewalk that are next to the garden that are still there, multiple brown sunflowers without seedpods. If you don’t know who’s plots are whos, there are multiple people with Wildapricot access you could have asked. I don’t know why communication comes so hard for this organization. Not communicating, is not justification for it either. On top of that, when people make mistakes they can’t apologize and go on the attack. Mistakes that could be prevented with better communication. Asking more than one person when you don’t get an answer is the responsible thing to do. No public announcement either. Is there a reason it had to be done this weekend? Were plot owners contacted to clean up before this was done?

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I stand by everything I’ve said here and I don’t find any of this to be done in good faith. You can’t actually be serious that you, who’ve never had anything to do with the garden, are aggrieved about what happened this past week to help respond to a serious threat to the space about tall grass and weeds. I CAN believe, however, that you and Sherry are looking to grind axes. I’m not doing this. Take action with the board if you want. Remove me from garden lead. I honestly don’t care. Volunteering is thankless as it is, having people publicly shame others for trying to clean up this mess is absurd. Message Lesley and Larry and tell them their work was worthless. Lesley is the only person who has been taking care of this space for months.

A few people spent their precious time working to clean up abandoned plots. That’s it. That’s all that happened. There’s no victim here except all of the wasted time we spend typing this crap out.


Excuse me, while I may have not spent time in the garden this year, I spent time in it previously weeding flowers on multiple occasions. Does posting on social media and taking pictures not count? That too is work.

What would that be? Nothing has been communicated that I’m aware of.

Please stop it with the rumor mill.This type of behavior needs to stop. We never conspired to kick a previous member out for sexual harassment. In fact he reported himself and spread rumors about us. You’re just making yourself and the space look worse by using this against us.

I’m saying what I said because I see the same problems being repeated. Problems that could be addressed by asking questions, reaching out to multiple people, and communicating. That the only axe I have to grind. I never attacked you personally. I called out bad behavior which has been the modus operandi of MakeICT. We really need to learn from our mistakes instead of doubling down on them. Please stop attacking people when they are addressing problems that keep being repeated.

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None of what I’ve said has anything to do with that. Im 100 percent in the camp of believing all of the crappy things that occurred and I’m sympathetic and sorry for that. I told that to Sherry in person when we met to revamp the garden efforts. That didn’t stop her from immediately starting to point fingers and wanting to blame others for perceived grievances of cleaning up CLEARLY abandoned plots. Which is is rich, because all of this happened while she was technically area lead. That’s why I don’t interact with her anymore.

I take issue with you publicly questioning what efforts had taken place this past week because you simply drove by and say it doesn’t look any better. This is ridiculous. It’s a night and day difference thanks to hours of hard work.

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I asked a question for a reason. The other responder is clearly upset. This was your answered to them. That’s really not a good way to respond.

I tried asking a question which you didn’t answer and went hyper focused on the view from the street.

You then attached me still without addressing why it was done after admitting you hadn’t contacted the renters. I thought this was an opportunity to talk about our communication issues and give better guidance on how to get information if you couldn’t get it from one person but instead of de-escalating because of who it was you went on the attack. Which you’re making assumptions about me, which is unfair to me as well. When I’m just trying to understand and help.

Thank you to you @squarenuts @lkirkland and @Larry for all your hard work! I look forward to showing off the area tomorrow during the Maker Monday tour.


I didn’t escalate anything. I posted a harmless thread with pictures of the work we’d accomplished to clean up our neglected space. Sherry then took that opportunity to take out some frustration that could’ve easily been communicated privately, speaking of communication issues (she also ignored my original email months ago, but I guess that’s my fault?). She has all of my contact info. Like I said, this isn’t done in good faith. It’s done to create conflict on this forum. It’s so nakedly obvious. Sherry doesn’t care about the pepper plant she abandoned months ago. This is about scoring points on this forum.

As for the other points, why would you be in the loop for this? You’re not a garden member. You’re not a renter. I don’t owe you an explanation for what happened with the city, just as I’m not owed an explanation for everything that occurs in areas that are not mine. We were staring down a violation by the city that, if not addressed, would have cost us thousands of dollars. They would have sent out a private mowing company to clear everything and then sent us the bill. I’m not going to apologize for clearing out CLEARLY abandoned plots. We’re talking 12+ inches of dense, noxious weeds. I’ve been a gardener for over a decade. I’m not a moron. I promise I don’t want to mow down pepper plants. Everything I whacked down was overgrown weeds. Sure, there may have been some vegetable plants mixed in. But they were abandoned. Plain and simple.

I’m done with this. We will move forward with our garden and I’m excited for it!


Did you only send it once? You know how fast leadership inboxes move, she might have missed it. Did you follow up when you didn’t hear anything. Did you try anyone else? Send one unanswered email doesn’t mean she’s ignoring you.

Not to me. I see a lack of communication and reactions to that. It shouldn’t be considered drama and bad faith because it’s on the forum. Didn’t you tell Sherry not to contact you privately on a previous post?
How many other private plots were mowed under without contacting the owner?

Communications Committee should be in the loop on a lot of things that they aren’t. I wasn’t asking because I wanted to know. I was asking because I wanted to help explain I was trying to give you better questions that someone who was upset.