Furnace issue in Textiles

FYI the furnace in textiles failed twice this morning. Purge cycled but failed to light. Recycled power, failed again. Brought Ruskin in to look, cycled power again and it fired normally. Probably because Ruskin scowled at it.
Maybe an air bubble in the gas line but maybe we need to post a picture of Ruskin’s scowl facing the furnace.


If this has a thermocouple it’s often the cheapest and easier remedy to eliminate suspects.

An airbubble should not get into the line unless there has been some recent repair.


My views are those of a person with some life experience but absolutely no formal training in climate systems. Be aware I may not verify with Google.

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I cannot know if this had anything to do with it, but when I arrived in the textile studio on Thursday evening, the thermostat was set on 85. I turned it down to 70. The heat was working fine then.


I will buy a snuggie for whoever set it to 85 if they promise to not do that again :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just to remind some people, Turning it higher does not heat faster. The thermostat is not an accelerator.

Thermostat should reset at somepoint daily if they dont , my opinion ony. I will forget to lock a door or turn down a thermostat, it’s inevitable.