Fundraising platform online

I’ve been seeing a lot about an online fundraising platform called Omaze. Check it out and give your feedback below. What is Omaze? About Us & How We Help People In Need | Omaze

It is a private for-profit company.
Here is their wiki entry.

A large percentage of the profit goes to the Omaze company rather than the charity. They are similar to a lottery … 15%-60% goes to the charity. The rest goes to Omaze and pays for any prizes.

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A worker is worthy of his wages…and 60% of a large number is way better than 100% of nothing. Just sayin’

Ah… but I would never ever give to a charity where 40% of the take is going to a for-profit.

I think I submitted to them when we were looking for fundraising options a few years ago and was told we weren’t big enough. I believe at that time they were only working with nonprofit organizations with a budget history of $1million or more.

We could have the “budget”…without the bankroll that is

I see these on youtube all the time, even entered a couple times. I don’t mind the idea but we would need to find a prize that was really compelling to most of our audience.

I don’t think that rolling our own fundraiser of a similar sort would be off the table. Pick a good, compelling giveaway and have people pay for tickets to enter the drawing.

As long as we follow the state guidelines. We did one before @BJschelle how much did we make after everything was paid for?