Fundraising for Textiles

The time has come now that we have more space to find a valid way to use it. I’m constantly asked about a quilting machine and embroidery as well. Then there’s the fact that we don’t have a CNC machine in textiles. After doing some research I’ve found we can get a combo machine that does both quilting and embroidery in a 3’ x 5’ footprint. Here’s an example For this type of set up we would need to raise $5000-$6000.

I’ve been thinking about gateway making equipment you know the home use models that lead people to want to use the bigger and more specialized things. While textiles doesn’t have the need for a gigantic production cutter like what my work has, but it would be nice to have a cutting option on a smaller scale. Cricut has the maker which has both design and preloaded patterns and give you the option to cut fabric, leather, vinyl or balas.
We could also use these for outreach and hoping to get some family making classes going this summer. 3 machines would be $1200


I was ready the description and it sounds awesome, but some of the reviews noted software issues. If you’ve have used it, what’s your take on it? Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions for a comparable machine, I was just curious.

I hadn’t read through the reviews, so I went back and read all the 3 star reviews. I thought of the Maker because they emphasis the cutting of fabric and leather aspect of it. I also like the Brother Scan n Cut DX but can only find information on the Brother website

I was part of a public sewing event yesterday at the Wichita Art Museum, while there I met a man who’s wife died one year ago, he needs to sell her equipment but hasn’t wanted to deal with selling it individually. There are 2 embroidery machines, knitting machine, and a server. She also did ceramics and he has quite a few mold @pwhutchi and @ScottS. Here are the pictures of the equipment, he said maybe $4500 for the 2 embroidery machines. If I get more pictures I’ll share. He’s in no rush.!
Edit: Ill fix this from my computer I should not be doing this from my phone.


The Passap Duomatic 80 appears to sell used on Ebay for prices ranging from $51 to $580. I can’t tell what brand or model the white embroidery machine is – the photo is a bit blurry and the text is unreadable. Do you know what brand and model it is? I couldn’t find anything that looks exactly like that one, but several similar. If we can figure out the model, we can see what they go for used, and whether $4500 is even in the ballpark.

I am a new member-to-be. My husband I just attended the orientation two weeks ago. We haven’t pulled the plug on paying membership dues yet, curious in how to get in until we can meet enough people for key signatures but thats up for another discussion.

Is the embroidery machine the man wants to sell a brother Quattro innovis 6000d? The picture is rather blurred and I can’t read the model. I personally own a brother Quattro innovis 6000d and purchased it used. Do you have members who machine embroider? I would love to participate in embroidery. I use my machine several times a week. If this is the machine the man wants to sell and you have questions, please let me know.

I have inquiries every Maker Monday about embroidery and quilting machines, but not sure about people who actually are currently active. I need to reach back out to him to find out I’ve just been very busy.

Let me know if i can do anything to help. I would be more than willing to meet with you to go check the machine out. Look forward to meeting everyone!

Based on the product code on the manual it is probably one of these:

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