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My daughter worked for one of the nurseries that had a plant stand in Wichita. Today was the last day for the stand. She talked to some of the garden committee some time back about donating plants they had left. I picked up a bunch of tomato, pepper and ornamental grasses today. When can I meet someone at Booth to drop these off? I will water them tonight, they are looking a little wilted. I will be out of town on Friday.


I would be available Thursday between 1PM and 5PM if you are looking for a daytime dropoff.

For evening dropoff, someone else would have to respond.

Let me know by Thursday morning, here.



How about Thursday at 2:00?


I’ll be there.

And thanks.


Received 5 flats of vegetable plants in 4 in round pots. About 62 total plant a variety of both tomatoes and peppers. Plus 3 flats of decorative grasses.

The vegetable plants are in ceramics and the grasses are on the outside window sill.

Thanks Roy @Woodman ! And thanks to his daughter for directing them to us.



Saw this on Craigslist - free…

I checked the plants tonight, they looked like they needed watered.


Watered this morning. If the ceramics area is so kind as to let us use their window into the future we’re going to need to build an enclosure to contain humidity and runoff water.

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I moved the plants from the ceramics room outside and watered them. Some of them may be too far gone to save. Since they were dripping, I didn’t want to put them back on the ceramics shelves. I put them under the awning with the bbq grill.

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