Free Covid home Test

Free testing kits for Covid-19, up to four per household I believe.

Be safe friends!


was just going to post! Thanks!

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Thanks, been meaning to do that all day

We got ours using this

I just noticed the 4 per household thing. I don’t recall seeing a place to select a quantity when I ordered mine.

there’s not I just received my 4 yesterday

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I guess I didn’t open the package so there could be a zillion in it and I wouldn’t know.

There are 4 in the package and no way to order any more or less than that… I probably wont need 4 for myself… so if someone is in need, reach out.

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My husband was given 20 by hospice when he was taking care of his father. I also have more than I think we will ever use, if someone is in a pinch and needs a couple.


Got mine a few weeks ago

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