Former keyed member looking to return, security badge/pass questions

Hey all, I’ve been away from MakeICT for about 14 months, most of which was on a deployment. I know some changes have been made regarding access. Other than paying my monthly membership what do I need to do to get a current key or badge? If it matters I still have my old key chain fob that is what I was given originally.

I know the 24th is another Maker Monday, I’m hoping if I need to meet with someone then I can do it then.

Aaron Daney


Welcome, back. Someone from security is usually available around 8:30 to issue badges. I think beside paying dues that’s all you need. @Ken, @Josh, @devin

Hi Aaron,
The best route is once you have made payment via Wild Apricot, email to arrange a time to get your new photo badge/key. Please bring photo ID. Thanks, Ken

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