Forge Committee: We are an official MakeICT committee

Board Voted in favor of us being a committee and granted us power to explore the possibility of bringing blacksmithing to MakeICT.

They did not say “go build a forge in the back yard”

Our next step is to observe our parameters. We have a lot of regulatory committees to answer questions to. From the insurance company, to the fire marshal, to old mrs Matherson across the street who’s sharpe has a heart condition and can’t stand all that racket.

I’m planning our next forge committee meeting June 2nd. Here’s what I need from yall for that.

Related fire codes-what do we need in order for the fire marshal to be unconcerned about us.
Questions from the insurance company (Jai had a discussion with them)
Questions from the board members
(They are likely saying 'gosh I shoulda asked that)

Look into the noise problem
A finalish design for a small solid fuel forge
A finalish design for a small gas forge
Possible solutions to fire department ingress issues.

I would also like someone(s) to tour haysville metal arts shop and get their input, network with them.

That should be about an hour meeting…

I love the energy I’m seeing, let’s get hot.


I’m all for making a trip down to Haysville to do some recon. If anyone wants to meet up at their shop with me I’ll be aiming for around 7p tomorrow.

To further educate the board so they can go to the insurer with numbers:

Working temps for most metals is around 1000-2500 degrees. Propane burns at 2400. Solid fuels, specifically coal and lump charcoal, can burn from 300 to 3500 depending on air flow. Ambient temperature around the forge will depend on forge construction and refractory material.

Lee had an idea for a fire brick and angle iron forge that I would like to see before any finalization of any design. Since I think this may have got lost in the weeds of the social hour the forge construction can be built to accommodate restrictions easily if I know which ones are imposed on the space.

Based on IFC 2012 (adopted by the CoW) and IFC 2018 (adopted by Sedgwick County) we do not require an operational permit for single LP tanks or combined tank systems under combined water-gallon size of 125 gallons unless the space has been specially told that it is disallowed due to special operation restrictions.

Noise ordinance in the city limits places the cap at commercial zone at 60db between 8a to 10p, and 55 db between 10p to 8a. Subtract 5 from both values if the space is special permit residential. For reference 50db is equivalent to standing near your fridge while its running. Propane forge burner db is around 100 to 140 near the forge. A hammer blow on an anvil can be just as loud near the anvil. Db will decrease by a complicated math problem here amount with distance from source.

@rustin.atkeisson I’m going to grab the bench belt sander and we’ll see what we can do with it.

ADDED: After some digging around in fat code books any forge we make would be classified as a Class B or D Furnace. From my mind numbing troll through IFC 2012 and 2018 unless special excluded or permitted because of special zoning for the space both are treated like a household oven or bbq grille (depending on location) as long as we are not trying to work flammable material or chemicals in the furnace/forge. There is also a minimum safe distance from different building material based on temp but honestly I started dozing off. It looked like 3-5ft was a recurring theme for four digit temps.
That may put a damper on our thinking of making our own charcoal from woodshop scrap.

IFC 2012
Incase anyone needs a sleep aid/ lite reading.

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Might also want to address some kid wandering in…

They will be given sugar, a puppy, and a very educational experience on why glowing red things are not cherry flavored.


For noise a staggered lattice fencing is surprisingly effective especially if combined with plantings like wisteria etc.

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Congratulations! I’m quite excited for you and can’t wait to see your progress and join in on the fun!

Since hearing about the renewed interest in getting blacksmithing back up I thought that between the blacktop and the metal shops would be an ideal place, and being garden-adjacent I’m sure the Garden Committee would be happy to help with a nice wisteria lattice for you (awesome idea Brett).

I’d also like to mention that ceramics also has outdoor fire interests and combining space may make sense. Also, there are four concrete pads to the east of the sun-shelter that could be moved (a fun project in itself as they probably weigh upwards of 1000 lbs) for your use.

F’ yeah, keep it up!

Haysville blacksmith shop address:

200 S Main St, Haysville, KS 67060

I’m sure the garden committee could be repaid in kind with plowshares and better tools.


Can’t miss the blacksmith building. It’s in the historic district and looks like a blacksmith shop from the 1700s. The old bank is next door. If it’s open you can go in and look at the old vault. The trees in the park to the north have random stuff that was inserted by the the 99 tornado. It was left in there because it’s crazy to see. Lol.

I’d also recommend checking out Dorner Park off 79th between Broadway and old Seneca. It’s an ongoing project and gigantic park. There are big plans for it!


Just a thought, can you use the old furnace / space down there for a forge?

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That’s an interesting thought. Using the old boiler room. Of course there’s lots of important stuff in that room as well (wiring, water valves, circuit breakers). Could be a point of contention.

I’ve mentioned that idea to Jai before and it wouldn’t work.

Neither will pizza oven, schrodinger’s cat experiment, hazing ritual, mini night club, or nuclear reactor.

Kinda a killjoy sometimes.

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If the show forged in fire has made me an expert in forging. And surely it has. I think you’ll cook yourselves in there if you tried. I bet it would get HOT!

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So this is a Mi Culpa post. I misread when Haysville blacksmith guild was open to the public so we are going to aim for Wednesday the 26th at 7p to go down and do some recon and brain picking. I would encourage anyone with intrest in the committee and/or blacksmithing to take the time for the visit.

And I would say turning the old boiler into a forge with all the super sensitive everything around it is a bad idea. Now, using the heavy fire brick inside the boiler as refractory material for a forge is a great idea because if done right the forge internal temperature could be made higher more efficiently while keeping ambient temp around it relatively low.

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You really should stay the night at a holiday inn Express before you make bread claims like being an expert.

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But Motel 6 leaves the light on so you can be brighter.

I love the idea of a solid fuel brick forge sitting right next to a wood fired kiln. Seems like a peanut butter jelly level idea in need of research.

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I’d be down to make some specialty tools for garden use. It’d probably cut down on tool expenses if every time a tool wears out of breaks if the space could just hammer out a new one. I’d wager that tools we made would probably last longer then mass produced too.

ADDED: So we can all get on the same page as far as location i have a birds eye view of the grounds taken last month that we can use as point of reference. The top of the image is SOUTH.

There is a lot of real-estate taken by the old b ball court. A forge can be made to meet space given or permitted for use and can be made to be mobile so it really just boils down to a spot that is safe and out of the way of others. I don’t know what any of the spaces plans for the grounds are so I’m hesitant to put my finger on any one spot and say ‘here’.

Does anyone know where the proposed fire road is supposed to go ?

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Looks like I’m going to continue the failure parade by having committed last night to going to the Wind Surge game on the 26th!

I’m not gonna lie, as many times as I’ve been down to the space, I never realized there was blacktop out there!

never realized there was blacktop out there!

Its hidden in plain sight