Foam Cutting machine at the Maker Faire!

I was super excited when @deanday told me the foam cutting machine was back in action. This thing has been a powerhouse at Maker Faires in the past, so I thought we could bring it back for the upcoming Maker Faire August 26.

Here’s what I’m imagining: the foam cutting machine is doing its thing, cutting out interlocking pieces that fit together nicely. A display shows the pieces being cut in Inkscape so people have an idea of how it works and what’s going on. We lay the pieces out for kids to make silly hats and maybe a big happy sculpture on the booth.

We’ve done this very project at Maker Faires in the past so we already have all the interlocking pieces designed. It as been a big success and a lot of fun. I’m sure we can get Exploration Place to buy all the foam we’d want. So all that’s really needed is a few volunteers to supervise at the booth, load the machine with foam, assist those delightful little kids, and maybe one person to also help with the logistics (filling out the application etc.)

A good way to hit this might be if we all take shifts of maybe 2 hours or so so nobody is too overwhelmed while submersed in that magical land of kid-dom. I think we already have one volunteer for a shift lined up. Anybody else up for this? Bonus: if you aren’t already authorized to use the foam cutting machine, you’ll earn that authorization volunteering for this.

If you have no idea about the Maker Faire, we started a general discussion about it. I’m volunteering to help recruit for the Maker Faire because I so strongly believe in the cause.