Floor drain/pit

We removed the grate tonight and sucked out all of the water from the pit, and attempted to suck out the clay. We made it about half the way down, but started to hit black water.

It is unclear if the water draining from the sink is backing up into this hole or not.

We left the wet/dry vac in the metalshop, because we couldn’t really think of a way to clean it. We figured that hopefully it would dry and the clay would just crumble out.


I’m thinking the black water means that you got through to the actual sewer, but that’s just a guess. I’d be interested in seeing if a bucket of water poured in will now drain out, or if we need to get more of the clay out. Thanks for doing all that. I had planned on asking a group to come in and work on it Saturday, so you’ve saved us a great deal of time.

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I think the buckets, or using the vac more to remove more clay would be the next step. I just didn’t want to keep going without a good plan. Plus, I wasn’t really dressed to get filthy last night. If we can get some others on Saturday, I am free to come down and help out. I suspect it would take another 4 or 5 loads of the vac, and we would have the hole cleaned up. From there, who knows.

Just checking to see if anyone was planning on coming out tomorrow to clean the drain. If so,what time?

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i can stop by before 4:30 to help out if need be (if nothing comes up)

An issue came up at work that I have to take care of, so I probably won’t end up working on this.