Fisch Haus Spring Artist

This is just a heads up. We will finalize the workshop once Sukaina arives. She is an Iraqi-Canadian artist and architect, recently back in North America from Scotland, where she received her Master of Research in Creative Practice from The Glasgow School of Art.


In collaboration with MakeICT’s Malissa Long (our 2018 Neighborhood Superstar), Sukaina will be running a workshop on March 2nd and/or 3rd revolving around the possession and discarding of nylon stockings, as well as other objects of female adornment such as jewelry, make up, scarves, etc. The workshop will explore the use of a scanner, digital phone cameras, and writing, to record and narrate stories of these materials. She’ll introduce her ideas at the reception, but if you’d like to contribute before the workshop, feel free to bring nylon stockings and other relevant objects on the 19th.

Workshop will be March 2 11-4 with potluck limited to 20 people. We will need some flat bed scanners if anyone has one they would want to loan theirs. Sukaina will be getting her membership , for the 6 weeks she is her so please help her get her key signatures. She might come to game night.

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@jameslancaster I heard you might have some scanners we can borrow for this event.