Fired Pieces at Risk of Disposal 3/24/22

These pieces have been hanging out in the studio unclaimed for quite some time. Please come and take them home / glaze them.

In another week or so they are going to be disposed of or put on the free shelf to make room for other stuff.


Before you dispose of them, could I please bring my daughter up to put glaze on them this weekend or next? She wanted to do that last weekend, but I didn’t have anything made.

Maybe give away forgotten pieces to tourists at maker Monday Monday.

I was thinking of doing that with ewaste in my lab.

Like ‘who can guess what letter comes after A? GOOD JOB! Here’s most of a printer’


I’ll post once more next week when I put them out on the display case in the hallway free for the taking.


are any free for the taking now?

I’m going to set them out on Tuesday. That allows for a weeks notice.