Fire Code Compliance

Hey guys,
It’s been brought to my attention that we’re out of compliance on the following issues.

  1. Have the fire extinguishers refilled and checked and new tags put on, last certification was 2 years ago.
  2. Max Occupancy signs for each room and the building as laid out by our PUD
  3. The Certificate of Occupancy moved from the Presidents Office Door to the main entrance.

Is it okay with y’all if I start doing these?


I spoke with Kansas Fire Equipment Company this morning.
They last certified our fire extinguishers in 2020.
It’s $8.50 per extinguisher to check pressure / fill / re-certify
We have 16 by my count this morning, so $136 plus tax.
There’s an additional charge of $55 if we want them to send out a truck to pick them up.
There’s also the possibility that they may need to inspect the interior of the extinguishers in which case it will cost more.
They could not give me an estimate for when the work could be accomplished as it’s first come first served. They are open from 7:30 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday
I suggest that we do it in two rounds. First we take in all of the hallway fire extinguishers and then when we have them back we take in all of the classroom extinguishers. That way we still have some present.

If y’all give me the okay I can take the first round of extinguishers in today. I will be in the building around 1:30.


Hey thanks for taking on this project and moving with such speed.


I have received an okay from Rustin for this.
I have removed the Fire Extinguishers from the West and South Hallways, The Garage, and the Boiler Room. I am dropping them off at Kansas Fire Protection Services and will return them as soon as they are done.
I will hang signs this afternoon on all the Extinguisher cabinets.


Thanks Jai. Appreciate you dealing with it.


Thank you for your help!

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All of the Fire Extinguishers in the building have been re-certified and put back where they belong. They are next due in June of 2024.


That was FAST - thank you!!!


Thanks, for doing that. Do we have a service calendar we can add that to so it’s not missed in the future?

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The tag on each extinguisher has the date. The requirement is for some person to check each one and initial and date the tag. Code Requirement.

Also the Tag on the AED is required, and Battery test documented monthly!


I spoke with MABCD this morning.
We do not have to display our Certificate of Occupancy (the paperwork hanging on the Presidents Door) at the main entrance. We do need to keep on file and accessible should a building inspector require it.
We do need to have signage for our Max Occupancy at the main entrance and then all of the shops and rooms.


This is what i was referring to when talking to you. Sorry i miss spoke or miss interpreted it

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No worries.

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I read through the PUD this morning and the City set a maximum for people present in the space, including the garden, at 400. I think we can go ahead and mount a sign for now at the entrance to that effect. The calculations for maximum occupancy in any given space is a complicated formula. Wichita has several Fire and Life Safety Companies that offer consulting services which we can use to have a non-disciplinary fire and life safety inspection.


I sent a message to you that roughly calculates to the same number using the 50sf per person x 20000sf =400 some may say its 22000sf but you have to disregard certain rooms in the building during this calculation and i just took out 10% for this