Finally! Going Solar!

Signed the contract on going solar hope it truly reduces my carbon footprint.
If anybody is interested in going solar, or would like to learn more about going solar. Let me know! I can set you up a referal appointment they will pay you 25$ to listen to thier sales person (30min. To an hour) even if you do not buy anything!


My wife and I have been saving up for going solar by next summer. I’d love to hear their pitch. Thanks!


I have a lot of south facing roof, I might be interested


Who did you go with? I got solar installed last May and have generated… 14.7 MWh!

The 26% tax credit and low interest financing (under 1% for mine) made it a no brainer, even if we wouldn’t “break even” for a long time.


Went with ADT Since they have been around forever they have a great 25 year warranty on panels inverter labor and parts
And 12 months they make my solar payments


How far west do they support Frank?

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Not thinking they go that far yet but who knows

Make MakeICT Solar! They do the kind of solar that replaces traditional roofing entirely?


Just traditional panels

AFAIK Tesla is basically the only name in that game, and they don’t install in Kansas officially.

Tesla, in your wisdom, if you hear us, please give us a free solar roof and electric infrastructure!!!

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ADT Uses tesla power banks but its not worth $20,000 for most people

There was a company at the home show last year advertising the Tesla roof. I chatted with the guy about it. I forgot the name of his company though. Weddle and Sons are certified Tesla installers.