Final March Open House Information

The March 2022 Open House is on.

Saturday March 26 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm This event is intended to promote MakeICT, now that we have been in our new home for one year. This a time for Maker Members to display and/or sell some of the things they have made.

What can be displayed/sold? Items you make here, or in your space at home, or both places.

This event was assigned to the Event/Classroom Management Committee, by the Board. The details have been worked out and are summarized here.

Our first Open House will be a learning experience, so the group decided to keep it simple at this time. We will have a limited space available.

The basics are:

Vendors will pay a table fee in the range of $15.00 for a table. Applications must be filled out on the form linked below by Friday February 25. At that time, the committee will send you a contract to sign and directions about paying the Table Fee. Rooms 1 and 3 have been reserved for the event. We will open for set up at 7:00 am and close at 6:00 pm. Vendors are responsible for set up, tear down and clean up of their area. They also assume responsibility for their wares. Tables will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. We want to have a variety of wares to show off our space.

Those selling will collect their own money and are responsible for remitting sales tax to the State of Kansas. We will have information and a session to help you understand the sales tax. KDOR has packets available for events like this one. MakeICT will be following their guidance. Information will be made available to those signing up as ‘Vendors’ about the details.

Our first call is for members that want a table at the event. A form is listed for you to fill out.

Our Second call is for members that want to help show off our Space as the public comes through. We have tasks that can be done before March 26th and tasks for March 26 during the hours we are open. A form is listed for you to fill out.

Volunteer Form

Vendor Form


So just so I understand the original 25% commission has been replaced with a table fee, correct? It is not a table fee plus 25% commission.

That is correct.There will only be a table fee

I updated the permissions on the forms you should now bw able to view the form from any e-mail address.

Woohoo! Signed up.

I’m working on some springy colors for the wraps.

Question: Can I update my pictures with ones that Daryl takes? He’s much better at this than I am. BY FAR.

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I do believe I set up answers to be edited. Let me know if you have a problem replacing your images.

@Leads we have 5 sign ups so far. If you know someone who makes items to show or sell that doesn’t regularly come to the forum please let them know. I’m thinking about making a QR code to place on the door at the space.

@squarenail @jerome.johnson25 @StephenoThornton
@mlefavor @ScottS I would like to see you all have a booth. My brain is not functioning now or I’d have more people to tag.

Yes!!! I totally want to set of a booth!

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Is there some kind of sign up sheet or maps where tables will be and/or some kind of FAQ about having a “booth” or table?
Has any of this been finalized? Has the day been promoted or are there links to do some promotions?

Promotion will begin 3 weeks out. The floor plan will be made based on the number of sign-ups we have on February 25th. Some of this information is in the signup form at this link and posted above.

Space for display will be about 1 6 foot x 30 inch table. We are working with Room 1 and 3. The round tables in Room 2 may be used. Displays will be expected to be kept in your space. *

Are booths only open to members?

That was the plan.


What do you have in mind?


Good question. I have a friend with whom I am collaborating on a project. Since Daryl can’t be there, she’s going to help me with my booth.

The Non-Membef Vendor would have to be guest of a Member under the poicy. What do you have in mind Jai?

She’s not applying for a booth but is you guest, so you’re fine. If she wanted her own booth that would be different. We decided to limit it to member booths this time so we could learn what works. If we hold another event in the future we will reevaluate.

I have some friends that are creative but not members. I wanted to see if they were able to get a booth before I reached out to them. Obviously I won’t have time to escort them per the usual guest policy so I guess the answer is NOT open to non-members.

It seems like booths should be open to everyone, unless our goal is to alienate. Maybe implement an additional $5 fee for nonmembers, like we do with classes?

As it is our first one and we didn’t want to be overwhelmed, we limited it to members. Once we get a formula in place we’ll open it up to others. So far we only have 4 volunteers and 9 vendors. I don’t think we should put anymore on our volunteers plate and we have to report to the state today how many vendors we have.