Felt lining a 3D print

I’d like to make a case to hold some radio gear. I’m thinking about 3d printing a “bed” to go into the bottom of the case with pockets that fit the desired gear. I’d like to then line these pockets with some kind of felt or other material to provide a bit of cushion (not to mention a more professional look).

Has anyone done anything like that? Any ideas, tips, or tricks?

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I did some foam cut outs for a case once. I used multiple layers of about 1 inch foam (or so). Each layer was cut out to form the shapes I needed when stacked. Then all glued together. Then I used some kind of black velvet material which I attached super loose so that the items still fit. Not tight. Not like vacuum formed or anything.

I did them for gifts. Stuff like flasks and wine glasses. They actually looked really nice.

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I second @Erik . We recently bought a backpack for our camera gear. I’m not ready to make another backpack this complicated. It has very fuzzy knit velour inside and padding wrapped in the same fabric with velcro hook sewn on the ends. These sections are movable and we can rearrange them to fit the size of our equipment.

I’m just thinking of the pretty decorative boxes ( like thing 2746313) with a felt lining inside.