Feedback on 1st Dirty Pour Class

I taught my first class Saturday the 21st. Imagine my surprise when I realized the room actually was not air-conditioned! Live and learn. I won’t be scheduling any more classes in the middle of the day in summer! Lol.
But with the additional fan it was warm but ok. Other than that, the room was the perfect spot for that class. There’s a great amount of paint involved so if you had any spills, you could easily get it cleaned up.
I appreciated the overhead projector. And the hanging outlets, which were used for a hot air gun. Christian was invaluable for checking people in. There is a huge amount of prep for the class and I would not have had time.
I was blown away by the quality of the end result of the paintings the participants did. They were great first pours.
Please check out my Facebook page “Gail Pours” to see for yourself. They are beautiful and worth your time.
I now need to reevaluate my costs and time. I hope to have another class in the near future.
Thanks for the opportunity to give back a skill I love. As I always tell everyone ad nauseum, Makeict is one of the best things happening in Wichita right now. I know there’s some growing pains, but please, never lose sight of what a great thing this is that you are doing.


Facebook post with pictures

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Mike B

Sadly neither link seems to work for me…

Try this one.

Thanks for doing the class. I felt like I learned a lot and am anxious to try this technique on some home made wooden stools this week.

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Enjoyed having you in my class John. I’m excited about you using this on furniture. Please post on my FB page Gail Pours, and/or here. Give us a full report!