Family Emergency need help

My husband father is in hospice and not expected to make it through the weekend. Blue our dog is current on shots but our vet is closed and we can’t find our paperwork. Can someone take him until we are able to return, a week or less. We had everything done in May of 2020.


We’ve got it sorted out. Just panicked a little this morning.


I’m happy that you got it sorted out! We’ll keep you and your family in our thoughts for sure.

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Melissa, you can always call me. We have 400 acres if they can roam and a fenced in area if they cannot be trusted. We only pen when the dogs misbehave and go to the road where they could get hurt. Currently, I am so busy working on the new house the workshop heat isn’t on as I’ve been out of the office for over 2 months… BUT for a friend’s animal, I would turn the heat on… Sorry to hear about your father in law. These are trying times we are all in. My oldest and dearest friend lost his dad to the virus on Christmas day and his mom has been given 0 chance of survival. John and Kathy were wonderful people who had decades left to live. John brought us the virus at Thanksgiving and my own father almost went. Blood clots in the legs moved to the lungs. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH THE VIRUS AND LEG PAINS, GOTO THE ER IMMEDIATELY. Doc said dad was on deaths door with a foot inside. He has been released from the hospital but is home bound on oxygen with a long road to recovery… Vax didn’t seem to matter as everyone caught it but me, the unvaxed with no separation as I cared for everyone. Tested every other day to make sure I was not spreading it as I went for supplies… I can only thank the supplements or God as I should have caught it… Vit B,C,D Supplements Zinc, NAC.