Fabricator Friday

We’ve created lots of interest in the space over the last week. I’m going to try something different for a few months by adding another open house on the 2nd Friday of the month. hopefully this will help alleviate the influx and give those who are not free on Monday to visit. I hope I have some support and help.


I hope some of you can make it out.

I plan on being out there. I’ll probably be playing with some ideas for Halloween.


Is there a time?

The event notice says 7pm for tonight as well as for the one in November.

Just a reminder if your around the space tonight

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its 6:40 and only me and @Christian are here :confused:

Thanks for keeping things going Emily!

It would be nice to have more makers making at the next one on Dec 13.

Would anyone be up for bringing up their Christmas projects that day?


No problem. Just glad we didnt get swamped with people with me being the only one really there.

I have a few ideas in the works but nothing permanent.

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