Fabric squares

Are there any scrap fabric in squares or partial bolts? At the space? My daughter and I are practicing quilting. If there is fabric that is unwanted. I would be happy to buy or make a donation.

Has anyone cut cotton squares on the laser cutters.

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Tom, My understanding is that all the fabric on the wall is free for maker use. There is a lot of cotton there. Avoid the knits. Many would be good for practice in quilting. I also recommend “Faithful Remnants” store for cheap quilting pieces. I wondered about the laser too but using a rotary cutter, mat and a ruler is very efficient and easy. I think the main laser issue ( and I see several) would be getting the fabric laid out flat and smooth. As a new quilter I still have a lot to learn but I’ve made over 20 quilts in 2021. I would be happy to meet with you at the space to help with your quilting or piecing questions.

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@Brian is correct. We also have an Acuquilt(?)Cutter but I haven’t played with it yet. The laser you would have to cut one layer at a time and if the speed isn’t right it could be a fire hazard. I’ve been wanting to get a Scan-n-cut for the space but the funds haven’t materialized.