Fabric printer

This completely excites me or is the price to good to be true? This is amazing future plans textiles or print shop?


Well this looks infinitely easier than dye sublimating fabric lol

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How does that compare to something like this:

Epson SureColor F6200

I don’t know much about the different print processes. The Epson printer has much higher print resolution.

That’s a regular inkjet printer not for fabric. Only way this COULD possibly be used for fabric is to buy brand new and run dye sublimation ink through it. Only if it’s possible though. Once you choose to run regular ink or dye sub ink you can’t go back. So it’s one or the other for the life of the printer.

Dye sublimation is a process that has to be used on polyester materials or poly coated items. You print mirrored images onto a sheet of transfer paper then place that on the garment before heat pressing. Heat pressing turns the ink into a gas which permanently stains the poly material. The heat press to transfer something as large as this printer will likely cost more than the printer itself.


There’s also a solvent that you can impregnate the fabric with that allows you to print on natural fiber, but it’s not fade resistant on ink jet. https://www.bellabonitadesigns.com/ she’s using this process and making scarves at GoCreate, she told me about the above company.I can’t recall the name of the product that’s in the fabric with paper backing she buys.

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Eco solvent can definitely be printed on fabric. Would not use it for garments. And would not recommend water based inkjet.

Sublimation is fun but sucks for large textiles.