Fabric maze

Maybe this is old news to textiles enthusiasts, but I was just introduced to a fabric maze! It’s a sensory toy made from fleece with a heavy bearing ball inside that you can push through the maze. So satisfying! Might be a good intro project for other people like me who can’t sew but love puzzles.


Oooh I love this.


Oh I love this! I must make one for my sensory basket at work and another for my son! Thanks for sharing. Never seen this before.


Im interested in basic sewing and this looks like a great first project.

Since some of my interest is in clothing repair i may also enjoy learning the serger. [yould think i couldnt afford a new shirt, but some of my shirts are like baby blankets to me].
Anyway the fuzzy sensory toy appeals to me quite a bit and I have 11 grandkids do… we might wear it out . Must be purple .


Hi Tim. If you get a marble to use we can show you how to make one at the next Day of the Thread.


I’m in! Would that be on 2/6?

@ladeana are there any marbles in the outreach supplies?


Nope. No marbles there. I have some around my house someplace… I will see if I can find them.


Ive lost most of mine too. . . But you cant really tell coz I hang out with other folks that are the same way.

Making is “a way back” and it draws us together like the sun does.

We really really need a laugh reaction. @timchavez56 it is supposed to be tomorrow night but my van broke down so I do not have a way to get there. February 6 will be the best option

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Hope you got your van going.

We missed you…


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No, not yet. It looks like the problem is the computer. Im hoping to have it done on Monday when the diagnostic guy can come to my mechanics shop. I missed coming, I hope everyone had fun.