Fabric cutting for quilts

I want to use the laser cutter to cut fabric for quilts. I’m wanting someone to help me set up Inkscape to cut the pieces. I am certified to use the laser cutter just not sure the best practice on how to get the results I need. Let me know if your available to help. Thanks Krissie Lagana

Sorry we didn’t get to that yesterday. I believe you wanted squares and to use the clone or make a grid. If no one better with inkscape chimes in, I would be happy to help wade through it.

I’ve done it :flushed:. Use the laser to cut 5” x 5” and some other sizes. What I found out was that it left a chard edge ( typical of the laser ) I even added a cardboard cover over the cloths.
My thought was that when you washed it. It that would go away and it would leave a clean edge.
note : it would be on the inside of the blanket.
My wife has yet to sew it :crazy_face:.

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I’m making rag quilts, so for the most part the edges will be cut off after sewing.

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Do the charred ends leave a smell, even after cut off?

Just a little, I never got to wash the piece because “ you don’t do that before it gets sewn “.


I’ve got laser quick authorization Thursday night from 7-8, I’d be happy to help you with Inkscape before or after the class :slight_smile:

I wish I could make it. Sadly I’m working the Kevin Hart show at theArena Thursday night. Can we meet another day?