Fab Lab Doors

I was asked a while back to put doors on the fab lab. We looked into doing double doors like the woodshop and metalshop, but the only problem would be that the grout might not be able to hold up the 36in wooden doors over time. So, we decided to go with barn doors for ease, and to add to the fun, decided to make them out of as much spare material laying around as possible between MakeICT and my shop.

Making everything from scrap and spare parts meant a lot more effort, but Roy and I definitely found some jewels in the rough in the process.

We still have a bit more work to do on the doors (drill some holes and add some hardware), but they’re about at a point now where someone could paint or stain the doors during the week or put a giant MakeICT sticker on them.

Also, we need to come up with some hard rubber end stops. Would anyone be willing to try to print a set out of ninja flex or make a set from high durometer rubber?

Making and attaching the rails:

Making the doors (big thanks to Roy Lyons for all the help!):


This is Kewl!!!

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will these be automatic for handicap needs?

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Only if we can figure out how to make the star trek ‘swoosh’ noise as they open and close. Lol


Star Trek?

Nah you want the GPP feature


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How great is this! LOVE IT!
Thank you Roy and Rustin!!!

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Thanks for creating content I can share on FB

Finished up hanging the doors tonight and aligning the gaps a bit.

I think they turned out pretty good. They don’t go swoosh or sigh, but they do make a noise that sound right at home in a library.


Awesome job!

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look prety cool. hopefully the FD doesnt make u change them

You’ve asked some valid questions. Honestly, the best time and place for them is at our Re-Make ICT Tuesdays when projects for completing the building are planned, scheduled and executed. I welcome you to come out as we’re here every Tuesday until the building is finished. Rustin has done his due diligence. Barn style doors are ADA approved without mechanical assistance. Kansas Fire Code does not have restrictions for barn style doors in commercial spaces provided that the room they are enclosing does not, and this room does not, have special fire rating requirements. Hope to see you on the 18th from 6 to 9 as we have more projects around here to get started.