Maybe we could get a reduced rate extention amid the pandemic incase we dont make it out on time.
Dont hurt to ask.


Let’s rally and pack up Douglas. We can pack everything. The wood and metal shops should be packed but are still holding at Douglas, awaiting Booth inspections. Let’s sweep out all areas on Douglas .

Reminder, as things are brought to Booth put items in respective rooms but be mindful that power and plumbing work are still in progress and allow space for the work. Please communicate with area leads if you have questions.


Current state of Douglas

I’m in ERP kind of overwhelmed, but I will do my best before heading to GoCreate to work on mask.

I think I’ll build boxes and try jewelry

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Thank you Malissa!

I’m buildIng and staging boxes we could probably use a few more

All the boxes have been built. I hope to see some people tomorrow morning. I’m headed to mask making.

Are there more boxes inbound, if not can there be?

That’s about 40 boxes with about another 20 staged

I think we’ve sent some confusing messages telling everyone to stay away from the space it’s shut down. Are we packing? Do we need help? Who do we need it from? Should we space out times so people aren’t there together?


Thank you Mallisa and Paula I tried but have been down wish I could have helped a lot more. Thank you.

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I’m hoping to pack/ move things early in the morning starting Monday to avoid crowds.

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There are more boxes available in room 4 at Booth. Some under the tables and near the north door.

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It’s a confusing situation. What we need right now is to get what can be boxed up at 1500 boxed up and staged. The goal is to have everything staged by Wednesday. If we can do that, the we’re in pretty good shape to get it to Booth. As you know, I’ve been in contact with our Area Leads, and they are the point person for their area(s) wherever possible, but the underlying need is to finish boxing and staging the small stuff at 1500. Moving the big stuff is easier than moving the small stuff in some ways. Moving both to Booth will start in earnest on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Right? Last I read anything, was we were told to stay away. I’m sorry I haven’t helped since I got back in town on the 12th.


3 Signs ready to go up