Exotic wood

Where is the best place to buy exotic wood around here??

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I’m looking for exotics as well. Since intermountain is permanently closed, I’m not really sure where to get exotics in wichita. Please let me know if you find a source.

I know this isn’t exotic wood and I haven’t actually gone in the store (they have been closed the two times I’ve gone) but I did find this one woodworking shop that sells these types of wood. It’s in Kechi, right behind the glass blowing place. But I was still hoping there was somewhere else with exotic wood

Those are all domestics. They do seem to have a good selection on those however.

I started an Entry at the end of the Wood Shop Wiki entry with some places and locations. Seeral are local a couple are farther. Intermountain Woods is no longer in town, they maintain they will drop ship. I have yet to fiind someone who has tried it. Richard’s in Kechi is on the list.

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