Excited to get makin'

Hiya everyone, I’m Emma. Some know me as Eve, I go by whatever name you can remember. :slight_smile:

I did four years of ceramics in high school but haven’t had a chance to get my hands clay-ey since then, so I’m stoked to get into the ceramics studio and start throwing things!

I also took printmaking in college and have some experience with screens, litho, woodblock, and acid etch.

Look forward to meeting you all and seeing the new place!


Hello, Nice to meet you Eve. Ceramics lead is @GCaine authorizations are on every other Tuesdays but she is there about every day and will get you taken care of typically after 6pm-11pm.

@doug.wilson is the lead of screen printing and has classes often.

Be sure to keep an open mind and try other areas of the space as well. Classes are a good place to start or just drop in while someone is Making and see if you’re interested!


Awesome! Glad that you have joined the space!


Welcome Eve, I do handbuilding in ceramics. Looking forward to seeing what you make.